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To change your email address, please visit the following URL:

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To change your password, please visit the following URL:

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To change your billing address, please visit the following URL:

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To change your payment card details, please visit the following URL:


Payment history

When you make an OnPrime TV entertainment pack purchase via your Apple TV or Apple iOS device, you will be billed through your device account. You can find payment information by visiting one of the Device Support pages.  Please visit the following URL:

Instant payment

When you sign up for an OnPrime TV entertainment pack, the payment will be taken instantly.  This means you’ll be charged when you buy your entertainment pack and not when you activate it.

Manage my subscription

You can manage your OnPrime TV subscription by visiting one of the Device Support pages.  Please visit the following URL:

1 month free trial

We want to give you the chance to try our amazing entertainment, so as a new customer you can benefit from a 1 month free trial of one of our packs before paying a monthly subscription.

Once you complete the registration process on your connected device for your selected entertainment pack, you’ll have full access.  Also, there are no contracts with OnPrime TV, so you have the power to turn off your subscription at a time that suits you.

Please Note: After your free trial ends, your subscription will automatically roll over into the next month and your account will be charged.  (Be aware payment may be taken if you don't cancel OnPrime TV earlier than 24 hours before your trial end date.)


Cancel OnPrime TV (end subscription)

We’re sorry to see you go, and hope you return in the near future.  To cancel your OnPrime TV subscription please visit one of the Device Support pages which can help you.  Please visit the following URL:


Technical Issues

Streaming quality

Streaming quality can vary between devices and internet connection at the time.  Please see the table below for details on the maximum available streaming quality.

APPLE iOS 720p

We're constantly looking into ways to develop our service, so streaming higher quality content is something we hope to introduce in the future.

Buffering, or poor quality video, when viewing in the home

When you watch OnPrime TV on your device you may see a circular loading icon or reduced viewing quality.  This is often due to the internet connection at that particular moment.

Here are a few tips to fix this:

Reduce network over-usage

Having too many devices in the home using the internet at the same can affect loading on your connected device.  Check items such as games consoles, mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Data heavy downloads

Check whether you’re downloading, uploading, or gaming online, as these data heavy actions can affect loading on your connected device.

Speed test

Lastly, conduct a speed test at the time you experience it.  This is because at peak times some ISP providers may slow down your internet connection.

If the problem persists:

  • Restart the channel you're watching
  • Uninstall and reinstall the OnPrime TV app
  • Restart your router

Buffering, or poor quality video, when viewing on a mobile device

Network type

Connect to WIFI for the best viewing experience.

WIFI signal strength

Check the signal strength being reported by your device, and if necessary, move closer to the WIFI router or hotspot.

3G/4G mobile networks

OnPrime TV supports viewing of content over 3G/4G networks when using a supported mobile device.  The quality of the experience will be effected by the cellular network signal strength.  Please be aware that viewing over 3G/4G will use up data from your free data plan (if you have one), and you may incur significant charges from your mobile service provider.

Apple TV

Viewing problems

Here’s some help if you’re experiencing technical problems watching OnPrime TV on your Apple TV.  Firstly, try playing out video content on a different app to see if the problem is with your Apple TV. For help with other technical issues go to one of the following Apple TV support pages:

Or if you’re having problems with buffering try these simple steps:

Connecting to the internet

If your Apple TV isn’t connected to the internet, you’ll see the following message:  “Your Apple TV isn’t connected to the network.  To check your network settings choose Settings > General and then select Network.” You’ll need to do this to get to the Apple TV home screen, where you’ll see the OnPrime TV app.

If you’re having problems connecting to your network, please try the following:

  • Try and connect to the network with another device
  • Use an Ethernet cable


If you’re experiencing problems like a frozen screen, app errors, or problems with content here’s an Apple TV Support page with more information on connecting to the network and troubleshooting steps.  [http://support.apple.com/en-gb/TS4546]



Make a complaint

We appreciate that sometimes things may go wrong, and you'll need to complain.  If so, our friendly team are here to help.  Please Contact Us if you wish to raise a complaint and we will do our best to get back to you promptly.

If you’d like to know more about how OnPrime TV deals with your complaint, read the OnPrime TV Customer Complaints Code of Practice.

OnPrime TV Customer Complaints Code of Practice

This article outlines our complaints code of practice.

Our Customer Complaints Code of Practice below sets out our processes for resolving complaints related to our products and services and our complaints handling process.

What can you expect once you have registered your complaint?

At OnPrime TV we will do all we can to provide you with the most suitable response specific to your particular situation and to ensure, where possible, that your complaint is resolved to your satisfaction.

If you contact us to make a complaint we will review your complaint fully, taking into account all the points raised in your correspondence and the service details held in our records.  We will ensure that your complaint is investigated by the person in the company that is best placed to resolve your complaint.  We will get back to you by email.

We will do all we can to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.  If your complaint is of an urgent nature, for example, if you are experiencing a loss of service, we will prioritise as appropriate and escalate your complaint.

We aim to respond to your complaint and agree a resolution within 10 days.  Some complaints by their very nature, however, may take longer than others to resolve, particularly if they have technical complexity.  If we have been unable to agree the resolution of your complaint within this timeline we will contact you and keep you informed of progress.


Supported devices & app availability

For answers to other general questions such as which devices are supported, and which countries OnPrime TV is available in, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Still have questions?

If your question isn't answered here, please Contact Us.